SSC128C Premium SSC Range Back-Lit Mirror


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The SSC128C features a 5mm silver mirror with a polished edge border. This mirror is designed with rounded corners to create a softer design for your space. The lighting is featured at the back of the mirror and shines from behind. The cool lighting casts a bright, white light into your room.

This mirror is designed to be hardwired up to a separate switch. This mirror is screwed to the wall and is designed to only be mounted landscape.

The SSC128C includes a mirror demister which is a thin heating pad that is installed behind the mirror to prevent the mirror from fogging up. For more details on mirror demisters . Please note the mirror demister is attached to the mirror and controlled simultaneously with the lights via an external switch.


Product Code: SSC128C
Output: 108Watts
Warranty: 3yrs
Wiring Type: Concealed (Hardwired) at the centre of the back
Mirror Thickness: 5mm
Lighting Type: LED
Light Colour: Cool – 6400K
Mounting Method: Screw to Wall
Material: Silver mirror with metal light box
Edge Type: Polished
Orientation: Landscape Only
Approx Weight: 22kg
Dimensions: W1200xH800xD43mm


SSC128C Specification